Michael Hall SC

Practice Areas: Appellate, Commercial and Business Law, Compensation on Compulsory Acquisition of Land, Defamation, Environmental and Planning Law, Equity, Intellectual Property, Media and Communications, Property, Trusts, Valuation Law
P: 02 9930 7903
Clerk: Alistair Coyne
Secretary: Frances Cordell

Michael was admitted to the Bar in 1999, and appointed Senior Counsel in 2014.

Practising in commercial law, particularly in intellectual property, equity and real property disputes, Michael has worked on many notable cases including Marsden v Channel 7 (Australia’s largest defamation case), APRA v Apple & ors (the ‘Digital Downloads’ case), Roadshow Films v iiNet and many other major cases in trade mark and trade practices law.

He appears most frequently in the Federal Court, Supreme Court and Land & Environment Court, and before the Patents and Trade Marks Office.

Michael Hall has also worked as a solicitor, as in-house counsel for the BBC World Service and as a university law lecturer.  He is the co-author of Trade Mark Law in Australia and of the Annotated Trade Marks Act, and between 2001 and 2007 he lectured in intellectual property law, land law and the law of trusts at Oxford University.

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