Peter R Callaghan SC

Practice Areas: Administrative Law, Alternate Dispute Resolution, Appellate, Commercial and Business Law, Commissions and Inquiries, Construction, Employment, Environmental and Planning Law, Mediation and Arbitration, Professional Negligence and Professional Conduct, Sports Law
P: 02 9930 7961
Clerk: Alistair Coyne
Secretary: Yvonne Ingall

The major part of Peter’s work is in the construction industry (building and engineering) and general commercial matters. Other areas in which he has significant involvement are disciplinary aspects of the racing industries, administrative law, personal injuries and industrial law.

As an arbitrator and a Supreme Court and District Court Referee, Peter has conducted numerous hearings in construction law matters and he also practices as a mediator. Peter regularly gives educational and training presentations for the Institute of Arbitrators and Mediators Australia, the NSW Bar Association and other bodies (e.g. “Roles and Responsibilities of Lawyers in Mediation” (2007) 26 The Arbitrator & Mediator 39).

His work in the Defence Force involved, in particular, judicial roles in over 60 trials and acting as Counsel assisting in, and as President of, Boards of Inquiry.

Peter also practices as a Mediator and Expert Determiner.  On a part time basis, he has sat for a number of years first on the Administrative Decisions Tribunal (Deputy President) and then until mid-2021 on the Civil & Administrative Tribunal (Principal Member).

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