Stephen Epstein SC

Practice Areas: Appellate, Banking, Commercial and Business Law, Corporations Law, Equity, Insolvency, Property, Trusts, Wills and Succession
P: 02 9930 7959
Clerk: Alistair Coyne
Secretary: Agi Herman

Stephen was admitted to the Bar in 1982 and appointed Senior Counsel in 2000. Stephen practises predominately in commercial law with a particular focus on company and insolvency law.

Stephen has extensive experience, appearing frequently at first instance and on appeal in both the Supreme Court of New South Wales and the Federal Court of Australia. Some cases of note include Trident General Insurance v McNiece Bros (privity of contract/insurance); Pavey & Mathews v Paul (restitution/construction law); APRA v Jain (copyright infringement); Citibank v Papandony (cheques and bills of exchange/banking law);

Ingot Capital Investments v Macquarie Equity Capital Markets (prospectuses and company law); and Cripps v GM Dawson (real property/administrative law).

Stephen is also an active lecturer and has written several articles for legal publications covering a variety of professional matters.

Stephen is Head of Nigel Bowen Chambers.

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